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With Gratitude...

The following are testimonials from a few of the clients that Greg has had the honor of working with. Thank you for sharing your experience!

I had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease by two specialists and had severe chronic back pain from a previous injury. The doctors said that there was not much they could do to treat the Parkinson’s disease and that I likely would be in a wheelchair in a couple years. I had tried several different medications, but the substantial side effects along with little improvement in my condition, did not make it worthwhile to continue.

I had also been referred to a back specialist to be assessed for back surgery. The back specialist said that he would not operate on my back because the surgery would result in no improvement or it would make my back worse.

I was in constant pain and had spent about $5000 on medical treatments with no positive results. A relative told me about Greg and I thought I have nothing to lose so I made the trip to Fort St. John, BC, to see him.

Greg performed two one hour healing sessions over two days. After Greg was done, he told me that I may get some immediate relief, but full results would likely not be felt for a month. Within a week I started to notice significant changes. After 3 weeks my Parkinson’s was gone. Amazing! After a month my back pain was gone.

I was in total shock at first and it took a while for it to sink in that this really happened. After my second month of being pain free, I called Greg to tell him that he was my “angel” and to thank him for giving me what no one else could….a second chance at life. What an incredible gift he has!

Rufus P.

St. Paul, Alberta

“I have had a lower back issue that in the past only a chiropractor could relieve; that is until I seen Greg for a treatment. I was not a big believer at first but the results were undeniable. My lower back was in spasms when I had my treatment with him. The treatment lasted a good half hour maybe more…I lost track of the time. Immediately after the treatment I no longer had the spasms or any kind of back pain whatsoever. It was amazing!! I got up and was able to stand straight without any pain at all. I was and am so grateful to have this outlet that works. Thanks Greg!”

Danesse Stykalo

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

“Last year I had a bad lung infection which caused pain and non-stop coughing. Greg had stopped by our store and noticed I was sick. We sat down and Greg took my hand and performed energy healing. My arm started tingling and got very hot. After approximately 10 minutes he was done and I did not cough for the rest of the day. I went back to my doctor a couple days later for my lung infection followup appointment and my lungs were back to normal and fully healed. I truly feel that Greg helped me.”

Megan Plunkett

Fort St. John, BC

Hi Greg, I am so happy to have met you! You are definitely one of the chosen ones to do God's work while on your journey during this lifetime. Our Heavenly Father has bestowed upon you a very special gift of healing powers. 

As you remember, I contacted you not too long ago to ask you to help me. I was kneeling down in my study retrieving a book from the bottom shelf, and as I went to stand up, it seemed as though something snapped in my right knee. I must have twisted somehow as I was trying to get up and the result was excruciating pain in my right knee area. I managed to stand but only on my left leg and I had to keep my right leg bent because when I tried to straighten it out; the pain was unbearable. Being a Registered Nurse, I examined my right knee and decided to take an anti-inflammatory medication and an analgesic medication, to help subside any edema and to help alleviate the pain, and I rested for the remainder of the day. I figured that by next morning, my knee would be back to normal, but unfortunately it wasn't. I still couldn't straighten out my leg because of the severe pain and consequently could not bear weight on it, and therefore could not walk. I did not have any edema and I knew I didn't have a fracture. 

After some thought, I decided I should go to the Emergency Department of the Health Sciences Center; however, I then thought of you. I had heard stories about you and how you have helped others who had medical issues and you healed them, and that you are also a distance healer. I therefore contacted you, and expressed to you my issue regarding my right knee. It was late in the evening when I spoke with you and you told me you would work on my knee immediately. I felt so exhausted at this point because the only way I could get around my house that day was to hop on one leg, and so, after speaking with you; I went to bed and positioned myself making sure my right knee was bent, because this was the only way to help ease the pain and therefore to sleep.

The next morning when I woke, I instantly realized that my right leg was not bent but was straight as I lay in my bed, and I wasn’t feeling any pain! I got out of bed and cautiously started to straighten my leg and the proceeded to put weight on it to see if I could walk. Miraculously I was able to walk normal again and was pain free! I know now why you are called a Miracle Healer! 

Thank you so much, Greg! You have been truly blessed and have been given the gift of healing! You are a true healer! Again, thank you!

Olive Neil Noseworthy

Spiritual Consultant and Author of Secrets of my Soul

Newfoundland, Canada

“When I first met Greg I was so full of negative energy. My boss introduced us because she knew he could help me. As time went on she understood that I see and sense things that others don’t. She knew I kept this to myself, especially seeing her reaction and others.

Greg told me his background as a Reiki Master and how he has discovered his gift for healing. Before he started the first session with me, he told me the areas he would be placing his hands. He also told me how to ground myself to the earth; but I had no idea what this meant. Once he started replacing negative energy with good energy, I felt a weight lifted and I could feel tingling in my fingers, toes, arms, legs and head; especially the pure energy that went down my arms from my shoulders and through all my fingers. I could feel the positive energy freeing me from the negative. I felt like I was starting to float and that’s when I thought “now I see why he said to ground yourself to the earth!”.

During my second session, I went in to such a deep relaxed state, that I saw an amazing vision of me being underwater and looking at the sun through the water and I saw flashes of a purple star lit sky between two mountains. It was so serene and most peaceful. My breathing was so deep, Greg stopped to check it.

During my third session, I quickly entered a very deep relaxed state and my mind was completely still. Then I started going in to past lives and seeing each life through many sets of eyes. I knew every set of eyes was a different life and I became aware that other souls come to visit me. I realized I have had many past lives and not all on the same plane as this one. Very amazing session.

I don’t often speak of these experiences to other people because it is very personal and they don’t understand. On a closing note, anytime one has strong feelings about anything, nine times out of ten they are right. Not all things can be seen, but always sensed!”


Fort St. John, BC

“Years ago I damaged ligaments in my ankle. I didn’t know exactly what Reiki was at the time, but I was open to trying something new because I knew pills were not the answer. I decided to try out Reiki for the problem and went for 10 treatments. I was amazed how well it worked! I went for about 8 years with no pain.

Recently, I started to experience pain and swelling in my ankle again, especially when the weather changes from warm to cool. It got so bad that I was having difficulty walking. Greg asked if I would allow him to try using healing energy, and I agreed because I had nothing to lose at this point. Greg knew exactly where on my ankle he needed to work and even on my leg which I did not tell him about. After one treatment with Greg, I could walk with no pain and no limping. Wow, I was shocked! After this treatment, I did not have pain for a while, but it eventually came back. I sought out Greg for a second treatment and have been pain free ever since. I am amazed how fast his treatments worked. I would tell anyone I know that needs healing for their pain to see Greg.”

Lisa K.

Charlie Lake, BC

“I had the pleasure of sitting across the aisle from Greg on a flight to Edmonton, AB. I had knee surgery on both knees in October 2015. In March, 2015, I had an x-ray done on my right knee as I could feel something was wrong. Turns out I have two pieces of bone that were moving around under my knee cap. This caused me a great deal of pain, made it difficult to walk, and I was living on Advil. Greg knew that I had knee surgery and asked how I was doing, so I explained to him what the recent x-rays showed. As the Flight Attendant was getting everyone settled in their seats, I had noticed Greg had his head down and eyes closed. He was holding his plane ticket in his hands and looked deep in thought. As I turned to talk to the passenger next to me, I could feel things start to move around in my knee. I then straightened my leg and thought to myself “that was weird”. The plane was now up in the air and I had looked over at Greg. He asked me to place his plane ticket on the knee that was hurting. It seemed like an odd request, but I did it. Greg dropped his head, closed his eyes and was in deep thought again. All I can say is WOW. I am now able to walk on my leg without the pain in my knee and swelling in my ankle. The energy that you have and work with is amazing!! Thank you so much Greg.”

Sue Allen

Fort St. John, BC