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PRiSMA Colour Energy Glasses use the life enforcing principles of the sun’s light for regeneration and strengthening of the body, mind and soul.


We receive 90% of our information through our eyes. Therefore, when we wear certain colors of lenses in eyewear, we are able to see and feel the world through that color. Basically, we feed our body the attributes and qualities of that color’s vibration. Simply by wearing the Colour Energy

Glasses, your body’s physical, mental and emotional system will be affected by the color you are wearing as follows:

VIOLET - Inspiration and spiritualism

Violet is well known as the color of meditation, representing the search for the inner self and spiritual deepness. Violet possesses pain-relieving characteristics and is used successfully for treating migraines and promoting sleep. Violet is the color of spiritual healing and strengthened brain activity. It expresses higher ideals such as tolerance, sympathy and caring.

BLUE - Strength building and relaxation

The effect of blue is to calm and relax; relieving tenseness caused by stress or a frantic lifestyle. This is the right color for giving the body the healing energy that it needs to cope with daily stresses. Blue is also ideal for sports thanks to its ability to induce calm and relax muscles after competition.

TURQUOISE - Clarity and understanding

Turquoise is a cool and refreshing color. It supports clear verbal expression and honest understanding coming from the heart. At a physical level, it can help release poisonous accumulations from the body. Turquoise has a positive effect on the immune system in that it develops a protective barrier against invasion from harmful bacteria and viruses. It also calms tiredness brought about by sitting too long at the computer. Turquoise is known for its anti-inflammatory effect and is useful in relieving allergies such as hay fever.

GREEN - Balance and harmony

Green eases emotional tension as well as strengthening balance and harmony at a physical and emotional level. Green is a color of healing and regeneration. Given that green is the color of nature, it is kind to the eyes, never strenuous, and promotes eye strength.

YELLOW - Concentration and strengthening the nerves

The color of thought and feeling, yellow activates the brain, strengthens the nerves, promotes learning and perception and has a positive effect on intellect. Yellow is the best color for driving as is eliminates eye strain from headlight glare, instantly relieves tiredness, enhances observation and improves concentration.

ORANGE - Vitality and zest for life

Orange is known for its power to give energy after periods of physical or mental exhaustion. It is the most stimulating of all colors. It's the color of happiness, joy and security. It's amazing how positive the effect of orange can be on pessimism, depression and lack of drive. Orange also promotes digestion, strengthens the stomach and can be used to treat appetite loss. Orange is the color of "sports glasses"! It strengthens and increases high-contrast vision.

RED - Drive and energy

Red is used when our vitality has been weakened. Red excites all the body's physical processes and has a strong influence on the nervous system. It raises blood pressure and generates body heat. It increases sensuality, promotes conscious experience, the sense of touch and the expression of uninhibited passion. At a mental level, the energy of red imparts strong will, determination and staying power. Because of this color's strong effects, we recommend wearing red lenses for only 10 minutes.

If you are interested in purchasing Colour Energy Glasses, please contact us. Glasses are $70.00 plus tax.